Therapy tailored to meet students' needs


Are you a student who is struggling with their mental health and seeking private therapy? Or perhaps you are searching for a therapist experienced in working with student-related issues?

Searching for a private therapist can be a daunting task for many students, and with most university counselling services having long waiting lists and offering only short-term therapy, students don’t always get what they want or need in relation to their mental health. 

SPS takes the stress out of finding a private therapist. At SPS, we offer psychological support to students aged 18+ (who are in higher education and those planning to start university shortly) and starting therapy is easy- you can telephone or email for an appointment now. 

Why use SPS?​

  • With expertise in student mental health, SPS have a thorough understanding of the issues impacting Home, EU and International students. 

  • SPS work with a wide variety of student-related issues which include (but are not limited to): ​​

    • Homesickness​

    • Exam stress

    • Presentation anxiety

    • Procrastination

    • Perfectionism

    • Loneliness 

    • Transition/adjustment issues

    • Suicidal thoughts/ self-harming

    • Low self-esteem

    • Social anxiety

    • Eating difficulties​

​       Note: SPS also work with other mental health difficulties such as depression, anxiety disorders, stress,            trauma, relationship difficulties, and bereavement.

  • At SPS, we tailor therapy to meet students' needs, with a choice of brief or long-term therapy depending on personal circumstances.

  • There is no waiting list so you can start therapy as soon as possible.

  • We offer remote sessions and can reach all locations within the United Kingdom.

Appointments and Fees

Sessions are offered on a weekly basis, with a commitment to a minimum of 6 sessions


Appointments are available from Monday to Friday (daytime and some evenings) and last 50 minutes


Fees start from £65 for appointments from 9am-5pm, and £70 for appointments from 5pm onwards. 


If you have private health insurance in place, please enquire within to discuss fees. 

Based in the United Kingdom, telephone or email for an appointment now.